Our Projects

As well as providing two leading online services (Standards & Performance Pathways and Management Support Online), we have undertaken a large number of significant projects across a broad range of topics.



Key Project Areas

  • Quality standards and performance management.
  • Governance and management models, structures and restructures. 
  • Management, operational support and building capabilities.
  • Organisational building and development, organisational reviews and evaluations.
  • Strategic, business and operational planning.


  • Human services program design, development and evaluation. 
  • Social research, service development research and needs assessments.
  • Policy analysis and development.
  • Training programs and professional development. 
  • Resource kits, packages and guides. 


  • Design and delivery of over 70 standalone training and professional development programs, workshops and kits.
  • Development of standards for the National Quality Framework for Homelessness Services.
  • Identification and Mapping of Community Services and Health Quality Standards (Commonwealth and States/Territories): analysis of evidence requirements; development of cross-referencing methodology and common assessment process for multiple standards.
  • Research on the Cost of Quality Service Standards: Assessment and Compliance Reporting for the Not-For-Profit Sector.
  • Strengthening Boards and Committees of Management - Governance Pilot Program.
  • Sustainable Models of Management for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Organisations.
  • Development of Management Models for Early Childhood Services (rural and remote).
  • Development of Alternative Domestic and Family Violence Service Models.
  • Management Restructure and Development of Alternative Models of Management for Housing Associations.
  • Aboriginal Services Capacity Building Project.
  • Viability of Small Non-government Organisations - Research and Financial Modelling.
  • National Training Strategy for Indigenous Housing Management.
  • Family Violence Response and Support Strategy.
  • Rape Crisis Centre and 24 Hour Telephone Service Development of State Wide Service. 
  • Aboriginal Access of and Participation in NSW Local Government Structures and Processes.
  • Frontline Drug and Alcohol Workforce Development Training Strategy.
  • Evaluation of Clinical Guidelines on Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy for Nursing Practice in NSW. 
  • Research and Modelling on Reimbursement of Volunteers for the Home and Community Care Program.
  • Barriers to Accessing Public Transport by People of Non-English Speaking Backgrounds Service. 
  • Women's Health Future Directions. 
  • System Planning and Development (various projects).