How we work

Our work is driven by our commitment to strong and viable NGO and service provider organisations, supporting and resourcing organisations to provide the best possible services. 


Our approach

High standard of professional service.
We deliver high-quality results and products within agreed timeframes. We understand the importance of meeting commitments, exceeding expectations, and building and maintaining a strong reputation.

Matching expertise to the job.
We use the best expertise for the job at-hand, either by drawing on the considerable and diverse expertise within BNG, or by building a team of project partners tailored to the task. This guarantees excellence in process and outcomes for the client.

Flexibility and responsiveness.
We design an approach that meets the client's specific requirements.
Building capabilities and confidence.
Project participants are equipped with tools and skills to implement sustainable change and continuous quality improvement.

Creative input and innovative problem-solving.
Creativity, practicality and innovation – they're our guides in everything we develop.

Ethical standards.
Our work addresses project sensitivities and client confidentiality.